I'm a puppy-sitting travel gipsy!

I love dogs and love travel, (don't plan on having kids) and have combined those 2 things into full-time puppy sitting.

You are probably thinking .. but wait? I thought this chick was a women's health coach?

And you are right!

My coaching business is helping you to achieve your goals of stepping on stage and competing and then to look great and feeling great in your 30s 40s and beyond.  

I thrive on structure and routine but I live my life in what can only be described by an outsider as chaos!

It's also why I know that the basis for good health and great results all stem from your habits. 




I have prepped for many shows while living out of a suitcase, I know the challenges that every competitor faces, and because of this, I know I can get you ready for the stage in 24 weeks with the plan that every other bikini girl you talk to wishes she had!

 - Trust me, your prep will be planned out to the T so that you won't even feel like you are dieting.

(OKAY, maybe that's a tiny white lie, you'll feel the hunger, but you'll know how to manage it).

I'll be honest; I'm not the coach for everyone; I'm a planner, I'm thorough, I'll call on you on your shit, I'll push you further than you think you can go, and I'll get you results. 

All I ask of you is an openness to learn, to be challenged and not to have your handheld. 

I will help you become more self-aware so you can be in the driver's seat and have control of your body and your goals and that right there...

I promise you it will be life-changing!


Ella's qualifications and courses include:

  • Accredited Sports Nutritionist (2020) 
  • Certificate 3 &4 in Fitness 2014 (IPT Australia)
  • WBFF Fitness Pro July 2019
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 2017
  • Leaner Stronger Level 1 & 2 Big on Basics 2016
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute level 1 GPP Theory level 1 GPP coaching 2017
  • Strongfit Seminar 2017
  • Inutrition Pro-Clean Health 2016
  • First Aid and CPR current

Ella's experience includes:

  • Competing since 2015 with ICN (then INBA) for 3 shows

  • WBFF Australia and UK 6+ shows
  • Turned WBFF Pro in 2019
  • Online coach since 2015, PT before this
  • Primarily work with women 35+ (experience with peri-menopause)for lifestyle and comp prep coaching. 

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