I’m a qualified Personal Trainer (Certificate III and IV in Fitness), Online Fitness Coach, WBFF Pro Fitness Model and Founder of Females In Fitness, a mentor program for female personal trainers. My passion is seeing women grow in a saturated fitness market, and my mission is to mentor more women to reach their peak


As passionate as I am about fitness, nutrition, training, I wasn't always this way. Over the last 10 years, I have yo-yoed and fluctuated in both my weight and mental health. Below are my personal transformation photos. This is my personal testimonial to you where you can see my life change and transform using a timeline of photos over a 10-year span.


I have been overweight, skinny-fat, a 20- a-day cigarette smoker, binge drinker, and emotional eater. I started weight training properly about 5 years ago and began seeing immediate changes in my body. I then started learning about macronutrients and mindset, which took my results to the next level.


I was eating more food than ever before and following a structured strength training program and it was no longer just a workout for me. I was learning to love my body and change my thinking.


Over the last 7 years, I have transformed my body, and in 2015, I entered my first bikini competition with INBA and placed 2nd and 5th in Fitness First Timers and Fitness Open. I now compete with The WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) and stepped on this prestigious stage a number of times. Placing 1st in Fitness Diva Model category and being awarded my Pro status with them in July 2019. 


I am now confident in saying that I am healthy, happy and strong. I transformed my body and my life and I want to mentor other women to do the same so that they can inspire other women in their circles and community to live a healthier happier life.


I was pretty fortunate to finish PT school and work in a gym surrounded by amazing mentors and teachers. This skyrocketed my success as a Trainer and gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my passion. 


I want to motivate, inspire and educate women on the benefits of weight training, flexible dieting, positive mindset and self-love practices to prove that you too can have a strong and healthy body with sustainable and long-term results.



My qualifications and courses include:

  • Accredited Sports Nutritionist (2020) 

  • Certificate 3 &4 in Fitness 2014 (IPT Australia)

  • WBFF Fitness Pro July 2019

  • Precision Nutrition level 1 Coach 2017

  • Leaner Stronger Level 1 & 2 Big on Basics 2016

  • Boutagy Fitness Institute level 1 GPP Theory level 1 GPP coaching 2017

  • Strongfit Seminar 2017

  • Inutrition Pro- Clean Health 2016

  • First Aid and CPR current



Josh is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, certificate 3&4 in Fitness, studied with AIPT 2015. After studying with AIPT in 2015 to develop his own knowledge with his training, he has since immersed himself in the fitness industry, using himself as a guinea-pig to trial the knowledge he has gained on training and nutrition principles.


He has been through his own fat loss and muscle building phases and knows what it takes to transform the male physique.

As a professional firefighter, health and fitness is his priority and his passion for helping the community

Josh will be Head Coach for all our male client.

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