8 Stress Management Techniques

stress Aug 24, 2021

The best way to manage stress is to be a little organised.

Leaving things to the last minute, you are going to be in a constant state of overwhelm.

But aside from the obvious, there are some great tools you can utilise in almost all stressful situations.

Remove yourself from the situation. Step outside or into another room and close the door. This can be a useful tool for kids.

Spend just 60seconds focusing on your breath. A deep 4 second belly breath and a 4 second out breath. Use this at any time, at work at your desk, when the kids are testing you...

Laughing is so good for stress relief. Head to YouTube and find a comedian or save some of your favourite ‘dogs of Instagram’ videos that literally make me cry with laughter most evenings.

Make sure you ask for help! Don’t try to do everything yourself, support from partners, friends and family is there for you.