Revealed: Why Your Diet Is Failing You

fat loss mindset Dec 27, 2020
Revealed: Why Your Dieting Is Failing You
The fitness industry makes a lot of money from selling pills and potions.
The media hypes up the latest fad diet that is so-called proven to drop you 5kg in 2 weeks.
The problem with this is that it's just a quick fix solution, to an exterior problem and doesn't address the underlying issue.
Yes, you may drop 5kg in 2 weeks by taking this 1 pill at breakfast at 500 calories for the rest of the day.
But what next?
When you go back to normal life?
Oh, that's right you put on the 5kg you lost plus some and back to square one feeling shit again. Minus a few hundred $$$ in your bank account.
The quick-fix solutions don't address the underlying psychological issues as to why you are unhappy, unhealthy or have a bad relationship with food.
Hard to believe right?
That the one thing you're doing that should be helping you lose weight is actually the reason you're unhappy, not losing weight or even gaining weight!
You have been programmed to think that you NEED to be dieting to lose weight, change your body, lose that fat, whatever it is.
Let me explain how dieting is making you fat.
  1. You restrict calories so low your metabolic rate decreases your body becomes less efficient, you burn fewer calories throughout the day.
  2. You eat CLEAN for a short while, feel great, then that lunch with the girls happens, you eat out to feel bad for it and then tell yourself you’ve failed, what’s the point and start eating all the food you’ve restricted.
  3. You label food Good vs Bad. When you eat a little of the ‘bad’ you tell yourself you’ve cheated, you’re a failure and proceed to demolish the rest of the (insert name of 'bad' food here).
  4. You constantly tell yourself dieting is hard, you can’t do it and give yourself an excuse as to why you can’t stick to the ‘plan’.
  5. You cut most food groups from your diet, taking out all enjoyment that food brings. Thus turning eating and food into a negative experience.
  6. You fail to listen to your bodies hunger and fullness signals, become detached from your own body and unable to take responsibility for what you eat.
  7. Your calories are so low that when your hungry, you overeat or binge, telling yourself you're a failure when in fact your just so damn hungry your body is telling you to eat!
  8. Restricting for so long that when you do start to eat more calories your body now just stores those extra calories as fat, as you metabolism hasn't had to time to re-adjust to the increase in food.
Neuroscientist Sandra, PhD. Aamodt, says dieting leads to weight gain, she explains because it's stressful. Stress hormones act on fat cells to increase abdominal fat. What's more, weight anxiety and dieting predict later binge eating and weight gain.
More than 3.5 million viewers have since watched Aamodt's cautionary TED Talk. Watch her 12 minute Ted talks here
If you are ever to be happy with your body, have a better relationship with food and eat out guilt-free you MUST start to change your thinking and beliefs around food.