Break through your fat loss plateaus

fat loss Nov 16, 2021

What the heck is a plateau anyway?

Simply put you are no longer in a calorie deficit. 

You should see some weight loss but it is not happening, and you aren't losing any more fat than you were before you started. So what is the problem? The first thing to do is to stop and assess what is happening. You might be going into a caloric deficit of say 1000 calories a day but not seeing any results.

There is no other reason than that. It’s not that your body is stubborn or dieting doesn’t work for you, it's that the energy balance is equal. 

But how you ask??

Your body has one primary goal - SURVIVAL. So when you diet there is an energy gap between how much you need to survive and how much you are taking in from food. 

It’s survival mechanisms kick in and start to conserve energy where it can. This is called metabolic adaptation. It’s temporary, don’t worry. 

Great for keeping you alive, not great for you trying to lose weight.

So what happens when you deprive your body of nutrition? Your body starts to go into starvation mode and tries to preserve itself as best it can. And so the first thing it does is try and slow down your metabolism. And then it starts to break down your muscle mass and you begin to lose muscle mass.  And then it breaks down your fat stores. The fat stores are what we call stored energy that’s been built up over time.

The other thing might be you are not moving as much as before. You feel a little slower, steps have dropped off, and you don’t fidget as much, all this is adding up to a decrease in your NEAT.

Lastly, perhaps you are under-reporting your actual intake. Those few bites here and there may not seem like a big deal, but over the days and week can add up.

But all these things lead back to the energy balance equation and just mean you are no longer in a deficit. 

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