Getting back into the gym, post lockdown.

training Oct 07, 2021

For most of us, freedom is on the horizon and getting back into the gym after an extended period of time away from heavy lifting or structured weight training you want to ease into. 


Here are my top tips.


  • HAVE FUN. 


That first week back just go in and have fun, hit exercises and machines you’ve missed or you love and just embrace being back in the environment. Don’t go for any PB’s or super heavy work just look at these sessions as “pump” sessions. Get a good pump and not try kill yourself.



 You may want to go throw weight around as you’ve never left the gym but be sensible here. You may have deadlifted 100kg before lockdown but you’ve not touched that weight in months. You’ll need to rebuild that strength over a few weeks. But don’t freak out it will come back. If you want to stay in the gym and not get injured be smart about the loads you lift those first few weeks.



Think about your goals post lockdown with training. Are you looking to build some muscle work on certain body parts, get strong AF or just get back into some consistent training again? Whatever the goals are you need some structure and routine. So have a program ready to follow the 2nd week and block out your training days and times in your calendar like an appointment. Once the initial novelty of gyms opening again has worn off the motivation may fall so you need to rebuild those habits around training.


I am telling my clients the same thing, to have fun that first week and just play. We will then hit a new mesocycle with some solid goals planned and reassess the foundations again to build back strength that may have been lost. 


I’ll be doing the same for myself too. 


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