How my past altered my perception to influence the present and the future

fat loss Oct 05, 2021

Many of you know me as Ella the coach or the WBFF pro, someone who has always been active, fit, and healthy...

That wasn’t always the case.

Throughout my twenties, I was enmeshed in a never-ending cycle of diets and self-hatred. When I worked Monday through Friday, I'd have a chicken salad and, on average, 1200 kcal (we've all been there, right? ), which was not enough to meet my body's nutritional needs, and then go home and stash a packet of biscuits away for later.

Since I was single and unhappy with my life at the time, I resorted to comfort food for solace.

I had no clue what I was doing when it came to nutrition or how many calories I needed to burn to be in shape. Finding happiness wasn't going to be solved by losing weight, as I had assumed.

I really thought that the solution lay in just eating less and doing it in a more healthful manner. It would have been nice to have known what I know now.

Yo-yo dieting, restricted eating, and a ton of time spent hating the one house I had, I could have saved myself years of misery.

Having spent a lot of time and money on education, I KNOW there is another, better way to get to the end goal and ultimately live a really happy, fulfilled life with purpose in a body you are comfortable and confident in without it being all about your weight, what you eat, and how you look. I KNOW this.

However, it's more about how you feel and how you choose to present yourself every day.

I had a lot of attitude and language work to do, and it was enormous. Changing the narrative I told myself and the tales I told others about my experiences. It's because you can't even begin to live the life you feel entitled to by telling yourself you can't, it's too hard, and it'll never happen for me.

After a while, I finally got it and I just wish there had been anything accessible to me back then that would have given me the resources I needed to be successful earlier on in my career!

It might have had a significant impact on the course of my life.

However, although I can't alter the past, I can influence the present and the future.

𝘌𝘭𝘭𝘢 𝘟


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