How to get back into a routine?

habits Oct 26, 2021

Getting back into a routine again comes down to your habits.

Start small and pick some low hanging fruit. Consider which habit will provide you with the most benefit, then begin with that one. The biggest changes will be the ones that you start with.

Is it your bedtime routine and the time you go to bed?

Is it focusing on general movement and getting some steps in?

Or maybe you’ve got a specific eating routine you’ve been working on for a while now?

Is it spending time planning and prepping some meals for the week?

Is it blocking out your training days in your calendar at a time that is when you are most energised with the least obstacles?

Start with one habit and harness the momentum from the success of that one to build upon the others.

When you are starting with a new habit, start with the easiest, most enjoyable part of your day.

Keep in mind that if you concentrate on the process, you will see results more quickly.

Ask yourself, "What is the easiest and most straightforward thing I can do right now?"

If your first attempt isn’t successful then the habit wasn’t as easy as you thought, try another one and keep trying until something sticks.


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