October 28, 2016

OK guys, make sure your sitting down while reading this because i think I'm about to ruin your day!

How many times have you purchased a protein bar, studied the nutritional content of it and then decide to purchase it because it fits your macros.


May 27, 2016

So you've just got in the best shape of your life!

You felt like a Victoria Secret Model for a weekend. Hair, make up and nails done. You wore a beautiful bikini with glamorous jewellery, big heels, maybe a beautiful dress or elaborate wings. 

You walk...

May 20, 2016

I just returned from the Gold Coast where I stepped on the most prestigious stage in the world, competing with The WBFF!

I WON 1st Place Diva Fitness Tall!!!!!

I travelled to the Gold Coast with an Army of incredible women. Some competing others suppor...

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