December 24, 2017

Its very easy to over do it on the xmas pudding, the prawns, the turkey and all the trimmings. Before you know it, its 6pm your in the foetal position on the sofa in a bit of pain from bloating. 

So what can you do to relieve some of this discomfort.....

September 9, 2017

Dieting has a negative connection to it.

Dieting must be hard, restrictive, and you must avoid all the foods you love to eat. It means salad without dressing, broccoli, chicken and rice and just plain bland boring food.


Not if you diet smart!


May 4, 2017

All these images on this blog are of me! In different stages of my line.

Before I got into the fitness industry 3.5 years ago, I worked in an office for 8/9 years.

My posture was terrible, my diet was terrible and my exercise regime was all over the pl...

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