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December 2, 2017

How to track Alcohol:

Let me tell you once you realise how much food you have to sacrifice for a drink you tend to think twice about it. But here is a summary of how to track alcohol.

1g carb: 4 calories
1g fat: 9 calories
1g protein: 4 calories 

1g fib...

July 24, 2017

Ok so this one isn't really a recipe more of a 'how to'.

How to construct a delicious burger at home, just like you get out at an awesome burger joint! 

You might be scared by how much FAT is in these burgers so make sure you plan your day around them....

June 3, 2017

You can nail your macros Monday - Friday when your prepared, when you make your own food and weigh and measure out your portions....but when it comes to eating out and social occasion it all just feels to hard.

It really needn't be. Its all about maki...