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Why daily Gratitude is important to your success

mindset Jan 04, 2021
I was gifted a daily gratitude journal from The House of Routine  ...
Its a step by step guide to establishing your goals, habits, routines and gratitude. It's the best thing for someone starting out with no idea how to journal or where to start.
Why is daily gratitude important?
If you reflect on 2020 I'm sure you'll be sprung with a lof of negative reminders of how hard the year was, the negatives have clouded any positives that may have occurred.
Our brain has a negative bias, the bias is so automatic that it can be detected at the earliest stage of the brain's information processing.
From the dawn of human history, mankind’s survival depended on our ability to avoid danger. Our brains have developed systems that make it unavoidable for us not to notice danger and therefor then act upon it.
Which was great before we evolved but now that negativity bias and those systems are still in place in all aspects of our life.
Not surprising then, that we react more to negativity than we do to something positive, its how our brains have developed.
Something very positive will generally have less of an impact on a person's behaviour and cognition than something equally emotional but negative.
So we need to be able to inject more positivity into our life to counteract all the negativity.
This is where the gratitude journal comes in.
Spending a few minutes at the end of the day to write down 3 things that you are thankful for that day will inspire a positive outlook and a greater depth of happiness. Focusing on the positive over the negatives.
Even when the day feels like its been full of negative things, you are still able to sit down and pull some positives from it, this will really change your outlook on life.
I have gone from a very negative person to now seeing the beauty that life has to offer and that I am in control of my destiny and happiness no one else and nothing else. 
I encourage you to write 3 things you're grateful for each day.
And if you really struggle with this, the Routine C journal is. great starting point... ELLA 10 will save you a few dollars.

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