Ella is a WBFF Fitness Pro and registered WBFF trainer.

Her mission is to give every client the best experience and achieve incredible results without making the process harder than it needs to be. She has a straight-shooter, no-BS approach which carries over to all aspects of her coaching. Ella will be your mentor, best friend and guide  – and also know when to push to reach your full potential.

Ella has worked closely with women in the 35+ categories as she understands the physiological and metabolic changes women experience as they get older.  

So if you’re ready to bring your best physique, make it a reality with Ella Martyn.


Applications open twice a year to work with Ella.


Season A applications open in October and close in November.


Season B applications open in April and close in May.


This online COACHING service is suitable for women looking to compete with the WBFF, ICN and IFBB who are prepared to work and committed to the process. 12 months + weight training experience is absolutely essential.

If you are new to weight training and tracking your diet then a 6-month "FOUNDATIONS" phase is essential.

Competing isn't for everyone and before embarking on this journey you need to ask yourself WHY?

If your intention is right and your WHY is solid then we do this with your health as a priority.

I follow an evidence-based approach & I am a WBFF PRO and registered WBFF TRAINER.


All services are a minimum 24 week commitment 


  • Application process & video interview with Ella for successful applicants

  • Physique recommendations and show date recommendations

  • Personalised Training Program- designed to shape your body and work on the areas specific to you for the best size, shape and symmetry. 

  • Personalised meal plan week 1 & week 2 of coaching to establish maintenance calories and tracking habits.

  • Then specific Macro guidance - is subject to weekly changes depending on progress.

  • A Fully outlined and periodised coaching phase.
  • Access to the MFP Mini-course
  • Comprehensive weekly check-ins via google drive
  • Access to a private FB group
  • Weekly technique feedback



This coaching option is for women 24 weeks out from a show with less than 10kg to lose. This package does NOT include posing coaching.


  • Includes all Foundations Package +

  • 6 x 30mins coaching calls with Ella.

  • Detailed peak week plan
  • Detailed personalised show day plan
  • Team robe
  • Macro Meals E-book.

  • Free access to Proactive Perimenopause course valued at over $600


This coaching option is for women 24 weeks out from a show with less than 10kg to lose that want an all-inclusive comp prep + posing coaching.

  • Includes Foundations and Elite package +

  • 8 x 60 mins zoom posing lessons
  • Weekly posing homework and video feedback
  • Detailed peak week plan

  • Detailed personalised Show day plan

  • WBFF posing guide
  • All comp prep-related support - hair, makeup, bikini, dress etc
  • Where possible, Ella to attend your show.

Sam- WBFF GC 2017

When you make the decision to invest in yourself with a coach, I think there are a few things to look for. Strong knowledge, industry experience and someone who is open and honest and not afraid of a little bit of real talk. Ella is all of these things and more.

Taylor- WBFF Sydney 2018

Ella is an incredible coach with a wealth of knowledge on fitness, nutrition and getting the most from your body. Ella helped coach and support me through my very first bikini competition prep. A process that was gruelling both mentally and physically. It is with her guidance I made it to the finish line, stepping onto the WBFF stage and achieving a major life goal of mine. It is because of Ella I now have a greater intelligence around food, nutrition and energy balance. The way that I now approach how I move and what I eat has been completely transformed. I train smarter, eat wiser and live a life that is balanced. 

Brittany- WBFF GC 2017

Ella has extensive knowledge and experience with training and nutrition and also injury management which enabled me to train around my injuries and still get amazing results. Ella has taught me so much about nutrition, training and self-lovee and I helped me to transform my body and mind.

What our clients are saying about us and their prep experience... 

A good friend of mine recommended Ella and from our initial discussion, I felt like she was a great fit for what I was after. Rather than feeling like I was simply being put through a one-to-many large-scale coaching model, straight away Ella customised my training and nutrition to my needs and educated me on why I was doing certain things. Being aware of the purpose for everything is key for me, and Ella has a depth of knowledge that has given me so much more than a training and nutrition program. My approach to training has changed completely and I've learned the importance of rest and recovery and eating to fuel my body appropriately so that I have energy and clarity for work as well as for exercise.

Bec Carroll - 9th Place Bikini 35+

I met Ella briefly when I competed in my first WBFF competition and was impressed by her physique and her professional, no-nonsense manner. From the moment she sent me through the information and we had our initial consultation, I knew she would be an amazing coach. I believe that choosing a coach who is the right fit for you is an imperative aspect of your success, and Ella’s prompt, professional and thorough feedback, programs and check-ins were exactly what I want and need in a coach. During the 26+ weeks, I have now worked with Ella I have she has continued to exceed my expectations, not only in terms of service but also in her ability to strategically plan to ensure I not only met my goal but exceeded it well beyond my expectations. Ella is a genuine coach who cares about her clients and who I have, and will continue to, recommend to my friends and to anyone who is looking for an outstanding coach!

Margriet Orr - 4th Place Fitness 35+


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