If you are looking for an evidence-based NO BS approach to diet and exercise then you have come to the right place.  

We understand women 35+ that are experiencing a range of physiological changes as they move into a new age bracket - loss of muscle, reduction in bone quality and loss of functional capacity. Things are a little slower and change seems to be a little harder to achieve. 

Your body doesn’t look or feel like it used to. In the past, you’ve been swept up in fad diets, following cookie-cutter programs, and tried to lose the same 5kg over and over again.

But you're smarter now and are sick of the ‘fluff’ and quackery being sold on social media by 20-something ‘influencers’.

You haven’t been able to attain and maintain your ideal physique, which creates a strain on your confidence, well-being and general health.

As you are out of your ‘youth’, there is added pressure to find a solution before hitting middle age.

You need a unique approach that addresses both your physiological changes, physical needs, as well as your lifestyle.

The Academy puts you in the driver’s seat to achieving your ideal physique.

No shortcuts. No quick fixes.

This educational platform is for women ready to commit to sustainable, permanent results.

Learn life-long skills bodybuilders and athletes use and apply the tools to your own goal.


Comp prep

$149.00 AUD every week

Thinking about competing? 

Look at our competition prep coaching and see if we are a good fit.