I have a strong passion for educating Female Personal Trainers and believe that you learn a lot about the art of coaching through your own training experiences.

This is why I designed the 'Females in Fitness' Mentor Program for Female Personal Trainers.


This program is ideal for Female Personal Trainers, first 12 months in the industry, or new to the industry, or looking to upskill and have some accountability.  

Amanda Taylor, PT Sydney



Online Mentoring Program for Female Trainers


  • Increase your lead generation and have a system in place for leads.

  • Package your services into 3 options and never sell a single PT session again.

  • Learn a client assessment that will show your client heaps of value and make you look like an 'Expert'

  • Weekly group coaching calls to ask questions and problem solve

  • Fortnightly 1-1 catch up calls to focus on your business

  • Video analysis to learn how to break down and coach the Deadlift, squat, hip thrust and accessory exercises. 

  • Understand biomechanical differences of individual clients and how this affects movement patterns.

  • Learn to use your eyes to coach.

  • Be a part of a community of STAND OUT Female Personal Trainers.

  • A 90 Day commitment 


This program is for Female Personal Trainers that want to be successful, knowledgeable Coach's.


Becoming a leading Female PT in the industry stands for something.


Amy Van Der Jagt- PT & Group Fitness Sydney

Christina Hamilton Pudsey, PT Ryde


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