You have your training down pat you just need some guidance on nutritionbecause its a mind field out there!

Low carb, high fat, paleo, vegan, high protein, low protein, are carbs bad! There is so much conflicting information its hard to know what to do.

My online nutrition coaching takes the guess work out of it and simplifies things into bite size (no pun intended) chunks.

I am all about BALANCE and flexibility so there is no cutting of food groups, unless you have an intolerance and there is no meal plan to follow.

I will teach you how to track your diet and break it down into macronutrients, not just calories.

I teach you how to take back control! 

Understand the nutritional value of ALL food and give you the power to CHOOSE what you eat and when you eat it. This is includes chocolate!

This online nutrition coaching program is suitable for all women whether its fat loss, maintaining your weight, building muscle or increasing your performance.

No previous experience with tracking macros is required, I teach you everything you need to know.

All thats required is an open mind and a willingness to learn.


  • Phone/email consultation with goal setting​

  • Personalised Macronutrient targets, changed depending on progress.

  • Mindset and self love coaching to finally deal with the inner critic.

  • Access to private Facebook forum.

  • Weekly check in via google drive.

  • Monthly Facebook Live's on training/nutrition/mindset.

  • Be a part of a community of women all striving for BALANCE in life.

  • Email support.

  • Results driven.

  • 12 week commitment

Not only did Ella transform my body, she transformed my entire perception of health and fitness. Being a nurse, I thought my nutritional knowledge was good to very good, although in hindsight I had no idea. PROTEIN WILL NOT BULK YOU RUTH!!! 

A work colleague recommended Ella and with some hesitation I thought let's go for it. I must it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I learnt how to track food and really gained insight into what and how much I should be eating. And yes once in a while it all goes for a toss but once again our lovely Ella teaches us it's OK. It's a learning. Her blogs and write ups inspire me and I feel motivated to keep achieving what I have set for. Her forum is full of wonderful women who all want to either grow strong or lose weight and if you have any questions or doubts it just takes a post for some comments to pour in. 


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