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Take control over your nutrition and learn how to successfully track your diet to achieve your goals.

I developed a step by step course to walk you through how to accurately use the app MyFitnessPal to track your diet.

You'll get access to video lessons including:

  • Setting your macro target and calories
  • Manage eating out with ease.
  • How to track alcohol
  • How to create a recipe for future use
  • Access to a resource with restaurants and their nutritional information
  • Understanding sugar alcohol
  • plus much more.


Don't leave your results to chance! 

Take control by nailing your nutrition. 

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The Academy Ignite Radical Transformation


Helping multi-hat wearing women get out of the dieting rat race and feel confident & comfortable in their bodies. 

I'll help you lose that last 5kg for the last time! 


If you are ready to ...

  • be 2-4kg lighter (Academy members have lost up to 3kg in 5 weeks.
  • Know exactly what to eat for your goals and lifestyle 
  • No longer "fall off the wagon" at the weekends as you learn how to manage your nutrition and social life with ease

The Academy can help you! In this self-paced online learning platform, you will become a master of your destiny and in full control of your goals.

You will learn how to :

  • Visualise the end goal, using my number 1 strategy to create realistic goals and time frames 
  • Set up your habits and behaviours for success
  • Learn about your key language and how to switch this for a positive outcome
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and challenge your mindset
  • Plan and map out your fat loss journey timeline
  • How to set your individual calories and macros
  • Decide what foods to eat and how to create a meal plan 
  • Understand what TDEE and Energy balance is and WHY you need this to achieve your goals
  • Learn about refeeds and diet breaks and when to use them
  • Anticipate a plateau and what to do about it
  • How to approach diet and exercise around your menstrual cycle
  • Learn what exercise is best for fat loss
  • How to reverse diet

 ... and more.


Upon purchase of The Academy, you'll get...

  • Full access to all 11 Modules with video lessons and presenter notes
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • check-in sheets to track data and progress
  • access to the Facebook community
  • Eating out restaurant list so you can track and eat out and stay on top of your goals
  • questions answered by Ella in the Facebook community 
  • Lifetime access to The Academy resource!