Not switched up your training in a while?

Push passed your plateau with this 8 week program. Designed for women with training experience.

This program requires a gym.



  • 8 week training diary
  • 4 Day full body split weights program
  • 2 Day cardio options
  • Exercise description and images
  • Bonus- Nutrition guidlines and macro knowledge to maximise your fat loss.
  • Email support
  • Access to facebook community 


The evidence is out and full body training splits are better bang for your buck when it comes to maximising training volume and how often you can train that muscle group. Say goodbye to the bro-splits and only training legs 1x per week.


This program inslcues squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts.

8 Week Fat Loss program

AU$100.00 Regular Price
AU$90.00Sale Price


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