The Buffet Breakfast- The biggest challenge

I just came back from Bali and stayed in an amazing villa in Seminyak. Villa Seminyak Estate and Spa, i highly recommended it.

Breakfast was included and was a buffet. Let me just break down what was on offer….

  • Juices

  • Toast, jams, spreads

  • Cereals and milk

  • Doughnuts, pastries, cakes, bali specialties (black rice pudding)

  • cheese boards/ deli meats/salad

  • yoghurts

  • fruit platters

  • rice dishes

  • noodle dishes

  • spring rolls

  • sweet and sour pork

  • potatoes/hashbrowns

  • chicken buns

  • bacon/sausages

  • egg and pancake station

  • french toast

Can you see where I'm heading with this??

There are so many options on the table that it can be quite overwhelming. What I seen was children loading up bowls of doughnuts for breakfast, it was really quite sad.

I have over done it at an all inclusive holiday before. I went to Fiji with Josh about 2.5 years ago. breakfast and lunch was included, we joked that we were eating 2 breakfast and 2 lunches a day. I came back and had put on a lot of weight and felt pretty shit! Jokes on us!

I guess I want to make 2 points here….

Don’t Change your eating habits-The buffet breakfast gives you options but it doesn’t mean you need to eat them all. Changing your eating habits because your on holiday shouldn't happen. I mean if you don’t eat doughnuts for breakfast normally, don’t start now. And well if you do eat them for breakfast maybe get in touch and we can talk.

You have also probably been working really hard in the gym and with your diet in the lead up to your holiday and wanting to feel and look you best. Its so easy to over do it at breakfast and undo all that work in the space of a week.

If you do over do it at breakfast then just have a smaller lunch, you know you will have enough in you to keep you going.

How to tackle the Buffet- So as you can see from the list of foods, there is not much in the way of protein. This, however should be your 1st focus. How can you ensure you get enough protein that you don’t go crazy on all the highly processed carbs that are not going to fill you up?

I was lucky to have an eggs station where they made omelettes or scrambled eggs. This was my first point of call along with bacon and anything else that resembled meat (i would also have a protein shake in the morning just to make sure i hit my targets).

Then rather than picking at everything, allow yourself one extra thing a day that perhaps you wouldn't normally have. I would have toast with my eggs, but if I decided I want to try the Balinese specialty (black rice pudding) then I would ditch the toast that morning.

Let me just say that black rice has about 70g carbs per 100g serve - Thats like double the amount of white rice per serve!!! so that Balinese black rice pudding was super high in carbs!

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