Food Shop Challenge

This week I posted on my social media about a food shop challenge.

This was a challenge to layout your grocery shop on a table and take a photo of it.

Its an experiment to see where the majority of your food comes from. Do you have lots of packaged good, highly processed items, fresh fruit and veg, good quality meats, chocolate, soda drinks.

Its interesting and quite confronting to see your diet laid out in front of you.

I seen this on a documentary about different cultures and countries around the world and how their diets have been effected by cheap US exports like cereals and soda drinks.

It was shocking to see what was laid out on the families table and listening to the parents say how different their diet is now compared to when they were younger.

So, this got me thinking.

Could something like this make an impact in other peoples lives? To evaluate their current diet with it being boldly laid out in front of them?

So, I challenge you to take a photo of your weekly family grocery shop.

Evaluate it, is there something you can see that you could change that would have a big impact of your health and fitness?

To help you going forward to be more mindful when you do your weekly grocery shop you can check out my 5 tips to a better grocery shop.

1) Don't go food shopping hungry. This is my No.1 because you will buy all the easy convenient least healthy food when hungry!

2) Make a list.

Don't go food shopping blind, it's a recipe for wasteful food, you buy things thinking you need it to go home and find it in the fridge or cupboard already.

3) Decide your meals for the week.

It makes a list easier to create when you know what you will be preparing for lunch/dinner over the week. Less waste and saves you money.

4) Take someone with you. Accountability is key. If there is someone with you then you are less likely to buy something you want but don't need.

5) Avoid the Isles in the middle.

Most of the fresh foods are in the outside of the shop. Most of packet pre made stuff is in the isles. Unless you need somethings specific don't travel down every isle.

Tag me in your photos @ellamartyn on instagram and ellamartynfitness on Facebook.

Ella x

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