Create An Environment For Your Body to Thrive

Its not just about the training and diet its so much more. You can't expect your body to perform or change if your giving it everything it need to be able to do this.

⭐️ Stress

Stress means an increase in cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone which is released by the adrenal glands under conditions of high mental and physical stress and high temperature, is the body's primary catabolic hormone. The three main functions of cortisol are: The reduction of protein synthesis. The facilitation of protein to glucose. The halting of tissue growth.

Stress hormones are associated with what neuroscientists refer to as the craving brain. This is a state that is often activated under stress, where the brain’s short term reward censers are activated and the motivation censers are turned down.

Cortisol is associated with the desire for sweet, salty and fatty foods.

So if you have ever wondered why you reach for the lolly jar, biscuit tin or take out food when stressed there is a good understanding right there.

⭐️ Recovery

Training twice a day 7 days a week and not seeing results? Well your not giving your body adequate time to recover.

This is separate to sleep however, as this is all the actions you take to maximise your bodies' repair. Im talking hydration, nutrition, mobilisation, stretching, posture, mediation, heat and ice.

Its also not just muscle repair, this takes into account, chemical and hormonal balance, nervous system repair and mental state.

⭐️ Sleep

This is the most important time to recover. Between 7-10 hours is recommended. Getting enough sleep will help to provide mental health, hormonal balance, and muscular recovery.

To really get the most out of your sleep time, try to stay away from artificial light before bed along with anything that stimulates the mind (no scrolling Facebook or Instagram).

Get a night time routine happening that is the same every night, slowly winding down and calming the mind.

If you can't get the hours in during the week then spend the weekend catching up by going to bed when the sun comes down and waking when the sun comes up.

There is evidence to suggest that going to bed earlier is more beneficial than sleeping in longer.

There is also something called a sleep debt if you are someone the has continuously been failing to get enough sleep, the precious hours do count and add up to the sleep debt. But this debt can be repaid with a few nights of good sleep.

⭐️ Hydration

Something that is neglected a lot! And also mistaken for hunger when is recognised. Drinking enough water is critical for health, energy, recovery and performance.

An easy way to check if you are hydrated enough is by the colour of your urine. If it is clear to pale yellow in colour you are well hydrated if its darker in colour you are less hydrated.

A good guide for water intake is 3-4 litres a day.

To track this I like to use a bottle thats 800ml to 1 litre. This way I know how much I have consumed by remembering how many times i have filled it up.

If you really struggle to remember to drink water download a FREE app from the app store that tracks and reminds you to drink water.

⭐️ Negativity

Well i guess this one really falls under mindset. You become what you think and how you feel.

If you are constantly telling yourself your not good enough then you will believe it.

Negativity breeds Negativity.

Hate manifest Hate.

Love manifests more Love.

So quit telling yourself your not good enough, and start telling yourself one nice thing you like about you every day.

Even if you don't believe it to be true (yet) start saying them because the more time you spend telling yourself how good you are, the more you will believe it and become that person.

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