I'm Going To Share My Secret To Getting Results With You!

So, if you guys follow me on Instagram you will see a photo posted on Sunday morning after a big re-feed the night before. https://www.instagram.com/ellamartyn/

Im talking 100g filet steak 200g baked sweet potato and desert, the best.....Gelato Messina!!!!

I also had brunch after a big training session with my Girl Tash. We had beef cheek and delicious brioche toast.

Sorry, Im going off track. Let me get back to the point.

Last week was the busiest week I've had in a while. I was covering a trainer and had also taken on some new clients.

I start at 5.30am and some nights don't get home before 8pm, to do it all over again the next day.

Now, I'm not complaining because I love what I do.

Here's the thing, with all this going on in my life, with some added stress, some long days and with my training being whenever I could fit it in (which I did fit it in) I still seen results!

In the space of 5 days, since my check in with my Coach on Wednesday, since brunch out with a friend and delicious dinner and gelato with my lover, my body was still changing. I was getting results.

Do you want to know my secret?

OK, Ill tell you.....

But, you have to promise me you will keep it a secret.....

I only share this with my clients....

And they are getting awesome results too....

OK here it is....


Yup, thats it!

But let me explain a little further.

Going back to my busy week, I knew it was happening so I therefore could PLAN for it.

I love using the Google calendar, its so much easier that iPhone calendar i love it! But if anyone has any other recommendations for a calendar that can really make you life very organised and very easy I'm all ears.

So all my sessions and clients and appointments for the week are locked in my calendar.

I make sure I give myself 15mins to breath and get something to eat around 9am and 12pm before my next chunk of time is with clients.

My meals for the day have been PREPARED, and tracked in MyfitnessPal, I know exactly what I'm eating and when, I know I have hit my macro targets before the day has even begun.

My training routine has been disrupted so I need to manage this and find the time later in the day to do it. This has also been blocked out in my calendar.

I prefer to train mid morning, I'm more alert, well fuelled and ready to give it 100%. But things happen and you have to adapt.

Because I trained later in the day I needed to structure my food around my training times to ensure I have enough available energy for my sessions and for post training re-fuel.

Sometimes that meant eating dinner at 5pm before my next clients (sometimes this was just chicken and rice cakes and honey).

But I'm competing soon, I have a goal, I am doing what needs to be done.

I new what to expect the week ahead of me and PLANNED ahead accordingly.

I made sure my nutrition was on point and structured in a way that was going to fuel me for my workouts but also ensure I had energy for all my clients.

That meant cooking Sunday night and getting things ORGANISED.

Thats it.

Being PREPARED for things to come and PLANNING my week around that meant that I was still able to train, I was still able to hit my macros, I was still able to enjoy time with my friends and with my lover and still got to indulge in things I love.

This is what I'm teaching my clients every day. If you want to be successful be prepared and plan ahead.

And this is for anything in life.

Your mindset plays an important part too, how you choose to deal with things will determine your outcome.

Happy Monday

Ella x

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