Food for Reward, Food for Punishment.

Think back to when you were a child. How often was your good behaviour rewarded with sweets, lollies, baked treats, crisps…..

Now, how often was your bad behaviour addressed with being sent to your room without dinner?

Well this certainly happened in my household.

Along with you don’t leave the table until everything on your plate was eaten.

And we wonder why as adults we are dealing my negative eating habits, bad relationships with food, vicious cycles of yo yo dieting and obesity.

This way of thinking has been ingrained into us as children.

How many times have you heard your friends say;

‘I was good all week so I allowed myself a treat’

‘I was bad at the weekend so I skipped a meal’

And you know you have said these words yourself at some point too. I admit Ihave in the past too.

We need to start undoing this thought process and it needs to start with our children.

  • Don’t use food as tool in your toolbox for punishment or reward.

  • Dont force your children to eat everything on their plate at dinner but educate on the importance of eating to become fit and strong.

As an adult you need to change your mindset. Don’t look at food as bad and good but as fuel.

What you put into your body will dictate how you feel and how you perform. Pump it full of highly processed foods you’ll feel pretty shit. Nourish it will nutritious wholesome foods it will flourish.

But if you eat a doughnut or chocolate bar every now and then thats ok.

Its about balance and no attachments to food.

Eat to nourish.

Eat to perform.

Eat to enjoy.

Eat to be social.

Eat to fuel.

Ella x

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