Its Not About Exercise or Your Diet.

Sometimes it's not about a training program or nutrition plan.

It goes a bit deeper.

We have to look into what you are telling yourself each day.

Does is sound something like....

I'm not good enough, I hate this and I hate that, I can't do it, it's too hard, I'm not meant to be successful, It just won't work for me, I've always been like this,

The negative thoughts your process every day will filter into every aspect of your life, without even realising it, you have already set yourself up for failure.

So no personalised training program or personalised diet plan will get you the results you want.

Not until you can start seeing that you are worthy of them.

Not until you show yourself some self love.

Tell yourself you're beautiful, You love this and you love that, You can do it, You deserve it, You will make it work,

You will be successful.

Positivity is Infectious.

Inject some love into your life and watch as you it radiates from you 💕

If your still having some trouble with this I recommend an app called 5 Minute Journal

You start the day with 3 things you are grateful for...

And what you will do today to make today great.

Followed by a daily affirmation.

You end the day with ...

3 Amazing things that happened today,

How could you have made today even better.

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