Last weekend I held a Seminar with Melissa Rice an Osteopath from Hunter Health and Hattie Boydle about how to build a booty.

At the end of last year I was seeing more and more clients that couldn't get into hip extension or noticing that they had really over developed quads and no glutes.

I sent a few clients to Melissa and found out that for most of these clients the problem was weak or lazy glutes. Even more surprising is that this is actually a very common problem, particularly for the corporate workforce due to prolonged periods of sitting.

These clients all had knee pain, lower back pain or hip pain, which all stems from weak gluts.

The glutes are a weight bearing muscle and stop stabilising if they aren't used regularly. If your glutes aren't working or the signal from your brain telling your glutes to fire isn't getting received by that muscle then that means others muscles such as your erectors (lower back) and quads or hip flexors are going to have to do the work.

Now, for my sport, if your booty doesn't fire its not going to grow and that means an under developed booty on stage which means no symmetry or out of proportion. Not good!

For the clients I coach its about stability and pain prevention before we can look at getting the muscle bigger.

It doesn't mater what booty building exercise you do, if you can't get your glutes to contract they will not grow.

So how do you know if your glutes are working??

There are a few tests you can do. Some unilateral and some bilateral.

Its important to check both sides for weakness or differences this is why we do a unilateral test. This is super important for day to day things like walking! If you have an instability on one side this will effect you every day while walking, and I bet you wouldn't even know.

Bilateral tests is good to see where the force distribution will be spread.

Check out the first part of the video from our workshop at the weekend for the 3 tests to see if your booty is firing.


Now you have tested your butt to see if it works lets try and wake it up a little.

You can do these activation techniques before your session or as part of your warm up routine. Its about getting your glutes to fire not to fatigue the muscle.

* Banded body weight glute bridge 10 reps slow, focus on the squeeze at the top

* Wall sprinter - 1o reps drive one knee up whilst on the toes of the other foot driving that heel down. (see video)

* Clams- 20 reps, lying on you side heels together bent knee, raise your top knee whilst pushing your heels together. (see video)

* Reverse hypers 10-20 reps - pull your rib cage down and squeeze your abs, be mindful to not use your lower back on this one. (see video)

* Standing glute squeeze - 20 reps stand and squeeze your butt

Check out the second half of the video from the weekend showing a few of these activation exercises.

So ladies, if you goal this year is to get a bigger booty, then you must start by getting it to switch on.

Incorporate these activation techniques into your warm up or set a timer at work every hour to get up and do a few minutes of butt squeezes and I can guarantee that these coupled with a good booty building program you will be on your way to a bigger booty.

Brett Contreras aka The Glute Guy, says that performing a 30 second standing glute squeeze every day will wake up your glutes and increase lifting performance.

You can grab a copy of my 30 Day Booty Building Program http://www.ellamartyn.com/30-day-booty-building-program

Get squeezing!

Ella x


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