Dont Blow Out On Holiday- My Top Tips

No. 1 Be active.

There is so much to explore in a new place. Hire a bike and cycle or walk everywhere.

No. 2 Workout in the AM.

Do a little hotel room/outdoor workout in the morning before it gets hot. Pack some mini bands, skipping ropes maybe even some boxing gloves and pads.

You can do a body weight circuit. Get creative here. Its not about making gains but maintaining your current shape, so anything that gets the heart rate up.....BURPEES!

No. 3 Enjoy the local cuisine.

If your a beach holiday chances are there will be plenty of fresh fish and produce. Eat what the locals eat.

No.4 Don’t eat everything at the buffet breakfast.

Its so easy to over eat at the buffet breakfast so be sensible. Choose options that are high protein and filling. Don't change your eating habits just because your on holiday. The buffet is there and an option not a must have.

No.5 Stay Hydrated.

So important to stay hydrated. Thirst is mistaken for hunger. You also want to feel good and look good. Aim high here 4-5 litres you'll be sweating a lot if its hot too.

No. 6 Moderate Alcohol

Your on holidays so of course you are going to enjoy a drink or two. There are far more calories in cocktails than spirits. Moderate your alcohol consumption and where possible enjoy a spirit over a cocktail. Reduce your food intake, but keep protein high, on days where you do go on a big one. Energy in vs Energy out. Make sure you burn some energy.

No.7 Exercise some discipline.

Just because your on holiday don’t lose total control. Still exercise some discipline allow yourself certain things in moderation not every meal.

No.8 Enjoy your holiday.

You’ve been working so hard for it, its now time to enjoy it and relax.

Holiday workouts:

A1. Banded Glute Bridge x20

A2. Push Ups x10

A3. Jump squats x20

A4. Plank 60s

A5. Lateral band step outs

A6. Burpees x20

A7. Dish hold

1 minute rest 5 rounds

A1. Skipping 2 mins

A2. Walking lunges x20

A3. Banded squats x20

A4. Butterfly kicks x20

A5. Bicycle crunches

A6. Side plank 30s

1 minute rest 6 rounds

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