I just returned from the Gold Coast where I stepped on the most prestigious stage in the world, competing with The WBFF!

I WON 1st Place Diva Fitness Tall!!!!!

I travelled to the Gold Coast with an Army of incredible women. Some competing others supporting.

We DOMINATED that stage!

1st place Bikini 35+ and a Pro-Card Marijana Stojic

1st place Fitness Short Jess Hunter

2nd place bikini tall + pro card Sally Pordage

3rd place bikini tall Caterina Ruberto

5th place bikini 35+ Rhoda Malia

5th place fitness short Carla Girolamo

Words can not express the gratitude I have for the girls that came to support, Tash, Debbie, Rene, Maxine, Bec, Sharry, Tanya and Ingrid. You guys gave up your weekend to support us, prep meals, organise, drive us around, fix hair and make up. I could not thank you enough for showing me and the other girls so much love!

I am forever grateful!

I have written an earlier blog about competing and what it takes to get on stage and that its not for everyone. It requires sacrifice, discipline, determination and patience.

But with that, the reward is so sweet!

Let me give you an insight into a weekend competing with The WBFF.

Competitor Registration Night:

You start the weekend with a red carpet registration night. You get dressed up, meet other competitors, register, get your goodie bags from the sponsors then sit down to a competitors meeting where details of the day are gone over.

You have your photos taken on the red carpet, meet WBFF Pros, and mingle with other competitors.

Its then time to get your tan on (if not done so earlier in the day) by the WBFF official tanning company Fitness Tan.

Its then an early night (well as early as possible) as the big day starts early!

Show Day 4AM:

Show day starts early with hair an make up starting from as early as 4am. Time to get beautiful before heading back to the house to take some photos. Hair and Make up done by official HMU Tegan Woodford and her team. They make you look like a supermodel!

The show starts at 10am, competitors are backstage from 9am, getting ready and ‘pumped up’. Fitness Tall category is last so its a long wait in the morning until I'm on stage but thats ok, plenty of time for selfies.

Pre-judging is done in the morning where you go out on stage perform a T walk then quarter turns and comparisons. They generally do first call outs at this time where the judges will call Top 10. (I got first call outs)

Backstage Dallas Olsen official WBFF photographer has set up a white screen, so you can walk off stage straight into a phtotoshoot in your bikini.

First part of the show finishes by 2pm then its a short break before heading back for the evening show starting at 5pm

Thats just enough time to head back to the house for a quick nap, make up touch ups and to rest the feet.

Show Day Evening 5pm:

The evening show starts with a Gala walk out on stage with all the competitors, this is so much fun it takes away the nerves of being on stage.

The evening show is about the gowns and theme wear for girls and the suits of the guys. Its an opportunity to dress up like a princess in the bikini categories and channel your inner Victoria secret Model for theme wear in the Fitness categories.

My theme wear is a Fuchsia by Alex Davey design.

Another T walk in Theme Wear, then all the Fitness Competitors come back on stage for an award for Best Theme Wear.

Back stage WBFF Pro and North American Champion Hattie Boydle is doing red carpet interviews. Of course i went and seen her :)

Quick change back into my bikini for the final T walk of the night and where they will announce top 5.

Fitness tall is the last category of the night, its been a long dy its around 10pm and I take for the stage one last time.

They announce Top 10 to step forward as the remaining competitors leave the stage.

Then top 5 are called forward, the remaining competitors leave the stage.

Then 3rd place is announced.

Then 2nd Place is announced.

You are stood with 2 other girls next to you with one spot left on the podium, 1st Place.

Then the MC calls it…..

1st Place goes to contestant No 521 Ella Martyn!!

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