Post Comp Blues- Its a real thing!

So you've just got in the best shape of your life!

You felt like a Victoria Secret Model for a weekend. Hair, make up and nails done. You wore a beautiful bikini with glamorous jewellery, big heels, maybe a beautiful dress or elaborate wings.

You walked the stage, did photo shoots, wore beautiful clothes…..


Then with a blink of an eye it was over.

Back to reality.

Back to work.

Back to normal life.

Back to eating.

Eating without a care.

Because you were so in control for so long, now you can just let loose.

Let loose for a day, or two, before you know it a week has gone by.

You've not really been to the gym or if you have its been a half attempt at some form of training and left the gym feeling disheartened.

You have no motivation to train or track your intake.

Your tired, no energy, getting sick or feeling run down.

You are constantly lifting up your shirt to check your abs in the mirror.

Then one morning they are gone.

Then you are hit by fear!

Fear of getting fat!

Fear of undoing all those months of hard work!

Fear of losing control!

Fear of not finding your motivation!

Fear of falling off the wagon hard, going back further than when you begun!

Every competitor has felt this before. And its totally normal.

You have been working so hard for so long to get to the stage the big goal, and its done, you achieved it, your body is now trying to deal with everything you put it through.

Just know that its OK.

Its OK to take a week off the gym. You have committed for so long and trained so damn hard, its OK to take a break.

Its OK to indulge in a few treats you've not had in a while. BUT try to track your intake as much as possible.

If you have over eaten, then own and accept that decision, don’t beat yourself up about it, but also know your physique is going to change and that YOU ARE going to put on some body fat. If you understand that its easier to accept.

Its OK to get a little softer.

Its OK to see the scales increase and measurements go up.

Comp shape is not maintainable all year round, you need a certain amount of body fat.

During this first few weeks from a show you need to be kind to yourself.

This is why its important to have a coach.

Someone that knows what you are going through and knows how to help you.

Help you get back on the wagon.

Help you set some new goals.

Help you with your reverse diet.

Its OK to feel all those things above. But its also important to not let those feelings take total control of you and give you an excuse to lose control. Don’t give in to the ‘Fuck it’ effect.

Set some new goals.

Some that aren't about the way you look.

Get back to tracking your intake.

Get back to the gym with a new program, new mindset and new challenge ahead.

Post comp is the perfect time to make some GAINZ!!!

Ella Martyn is a Specialist in Online Female Fitness Coaching, focusing on a balanced approach to health and fitness.

Ella can help you take back the control over your diet, your happiness and your results. With a personalised approach to TRAINING and NUTRITION,

Ella can ensure the right balance of training, diet and lifestyle to optimise your success for the long term.

Simply drop Ella an EMAIL today to find out how you can get started on your health and fitness journey for the last time!

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