Sweet Potato Fritters

My boyfriend made these amazing Sweet Potato Fritters for me (he’s also my chef) honestly it felt like i was eating cake!

It has the cake texture and consistency and with the sweetness of the the sweet potato and coconut flour they were heaven!

I eat a lot of sweet potato so it was nice to mix things up and have it a different way.


400g grated sweet potato (skins on)

3 Tbsp coconut flour (68g)

5 eggs

4 tbsp coconut oil to fry


Combine the sweet potato eggs and flour together into a bowl and mix. As a rule 1 egg for 100g of sweet potato. You can increase/decrease the amount of flour depending on the consistency.

They should still be wet and not to dry.

The easiest way to portion them out is to weigh your total ingredients (less the weight of the bowl) and divide this by how many serves you want to make.

With these ingredients I made 10 serves.

Roll and flatten out your mixture in your hand and place in a frying pan with coconut oil.

Cook both side until golden brown.




F 8.6

I would love to hear comments from anyone thats tried this recipe.


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