Injuries are a pain in the ass, literally!

I’ve been recovering from an inflamed hip which has stopped me from doing a new strength program. Its really pissed me off and I've gone through a stage of thinking I was getting fat because I wasn't training enough.

I know, its all in my head!

We think that in order to get results we need to train every day, sometimes twice a day, starve ourselves and avoid carbs. Or train through pain and injuries and hope it will go away.

Now, i’m pretty good with my mobility and understanding my body and when it needs a rest.

But, what this injury got me thinking about was how so many people out there have no idea about their own body.

No idea that the pain or discomfort they are in is not normal, but they just live with it, its been there so long they’ve forgotten what it should feel like to be pain free.

Most injuries you can 100% work around. If its an upper body issue you train lower body and vice versa.

You must also make sure you're seeing someone about the problem, like an osteopath or physiotherapist to relive the pain and fix the injury. Other times you may just need to take a few days off, let your body have time to rest and recover.

Either way, pain is never normal. Don’t ignore it. Long term it wont serve you well.

A few days or weeks off your current training cycle is much better than a few months off later when the injury is really bad or worst than that, something long term, years later on in life that effects your quality of life.

Having a good coach that understands your body, your injury and works with any professionals you're seeing will be able to modify your program accordingly.

So I wasn't able to squat or deadlift! But I was still able to train.

Check out my 100kg Romanian Deadlift and 90kg Good Morning

And I wasn't getting fat, that was just my inner critic being nasty, and I found a voice to talk back to her :-)

Ella x

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