Take Control Of Your Life With Flexible Dieting!

Flexible dieting gets a bad wrap!

And I understand why.

People assume it's an excuse to go out a fill your diet with doughnuts, burgers, chocolate and ice cream. It's an excuse to binge on processed food. It advocates all the 'bad foods'

It's actually a way of eating that gives you control over your life!

It allows you to eat cake on your birthday, go for dinner with friends, share a desert, enjoy an ice cream. It allows you to make choices and put the control back in your hand.

How many work conferences have you been on where you can't control the food or there is wine?

How many morning teas have you avoided because your rigid diet won't allow for it and the temptation is too much?

How many catch ups with friends have you avoided because your stressed about what you can or can't eat?

How many times have you failed at your diet because you just couldn't resist something and you're back at square 1, feeling even worse about yourself!?

Food is a part of life. At every occasion. It should be enjoyed. Even alcohol!

Flexible dieting is a system of accountability that allows you to make choices within your macronutrient requirements.

It puts the control back in your hands. You don't feel guilty about eating something, you want fall off the wagon, you make the choices.You can be social with friends and still see results, wont beat yourself up or worse revert to bad habits and throw in the towel.

Want to take control back over your life?

I'm taking on 3 more clients who are prepared to forget everything they think they know about nutrition, be open to coaching and ready for change!

Head to my website www.ellamartyn.com

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