Mindset-Whats holding you back

You look around and you see all these people who are far more successful, look like they have their shit together, got an amazing outlook on life and seem to attract all these positive things.

Its not by luck or that these people are somehow special or different, its the mindset they have created.

There are two types of mindset, growth mindset and fixed mindset.

Someone with a growth mindset is likely to:

  • Be keen to learn from the people around them

  • Understand that in order to get what they want, they’ve got to put the hard yards in

  • Recognise that failure is an opportunity to learn

  • Be aware of their weaknesses, and focused on improving them

  • Welcome challenges

  • Be open to new things and new ways of learning.

Someone with a fixed mindset is likely to:

  • Avoid challenges where they think they might stuff up

  • Not deal very well with setbacks

  • Try to hide their mistakes

  • Be convinced that their abilities are limited to one area. For example, believing that they’re a ‘creative’ type or an ‘athletic’ type etc

  • Practice negative self-talk by saying things like “I can’t do it.”

Which of those 2 sounds like you?

Which of those would you like to be?

So how do you start to change your mindset to a growth mindset?

  • I can’t do it…yet. The way we talk to ourselves in our mind (our self-talk) has a really big impact on what we actually achieve. If you tell yourself that you can do it, chances are that you will, even if it doesn't happen straight away.

  • Challenge accepted. Next time someone throws an unfamiliar or tricky task your way, don’t throw it back at them, embrace it. Even if you mess up along the way, you can be sure that next time you’ll do better.

  • Do some hard work. You’re unlikely to reach your goals if you’re not putting in the effort to match. Put the hard work in and you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards.

  • No such thing as perfect. There is always room for improvement. Always put as much effort as you can into the learning process. Practice your skills and make an effort to learn new ones.

  • Celebrate the big successes, and the small ones. Every little win is a win, don't neglect those.

  • Be open to new ways of doing things. You can never be sure of how something is going to pan out if you’ve never tried it before. Before you make the assumption that something will never work, ask yourself “Why won’t it work?”

  • Don’t let setbacks get you down. When you come across setbacks, think about things that have helped in that situation before, and things that haven’t. Take feedback on board, and make changes accordingly. Setbacks don’t mean you’ve failed; just that you need to try a different approach.

Now change doesn't happen over night. Telling yourself I want to be a someone with a growth mindset wont change it, its going to require patience and continued effort.

Talking mindset for your training and nutrition set yourself up every morning.

No what you want to achieve in the gym that day; is it increase in weight, hit a PB, work on mobility, perfect technique.

With your nutrition, pre-planning ahead, meal prepping, fitting something you really like into you diet guilt free, eating out with friends and being social whilst still achieving your macros targets. Nailing your protein target, finally understanding what macros are and noticing that you have control over you diet.

But if it doesn't go to plan, be ok with that, failure isn't a bad thing, its what you learn from.

Every little thing you do no matter how small celebrate those wins, because those little things add up eventually to a big thing and before you know it.....Your there.

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