Recipe ideas-Burgers

Ok so this one isn't really a recipe more of a 'how to'.

How to construct a delicious burger at home, just like you get out at an awesome burger joint!

You might be scared by how much FAT is in these burgers so make sure you plan your day around them.


Dry aged Waggu Beef Patties

French Brioche Buns

Mini Cos lettuce

Tasty Cheese slices

Sweet spiced gherkins

chargrilled capsicum

sliced tomato

Smokey bbq sauce

Chipotle Aioli


1 Burger

Calories: 756

P 37.5g

F 46.5g

C 44.5g


Crank the BBQ on- you want this hot.

Start prepping your toppings. Slice gherkins, tomato and capsicum and wash lettuce.

Season the patties with salt and pepper, season well.

Place patties on a HOT BBQ grill side, until charred on outside, flip and place cheese on top.

Lightly toast the buns under the grill.

Once cheese has melted take patties off- slightly pink on the inside.

Your now ready to create.

Bottom bun-Aioli-pattie-gherkins-capscim-BBQ sauce-tomato-lettuce-aioli-BBQ sauce-Top bun.


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