Protein bars- Not so low carb

OK guys, make sure your sitting down while reading this because i think I'm about to ruin your day!

How many times have you purchased a protein bar, studied the nutritional content of it and then decide to purchase it because it fits your macros.

You take a bite and look at the nutritional content again to double check you got it right, cos man this tastes too damn god to only be 4g of carbs!!!

How did they get it to taste so sweet with only 4g or carbs you wonder??

But you go by the nutritional content because what else can you do? You must believe what the manufactures right on the wrappers surely.

If you have ever taken to one step further and checked the total calories and then added up the total macros you would see that something doesn't quite add up.

The wrapper says 150 calories but the macros only add up to 134calories. So where are the missing 16 calories coming from???

I have done this in the past but only very recently did I find out the answer to the missing calories.

They come from Sugar Alcohols! Maltitol (2.1kCal per gram) Sorbitol (2.6kCal per gram) Glycerol (4.3kCal per gram)

These are naturally occurring and traditionally derived from sugars but are not formally listed as a carbohydrate on a nutrition panel despite still having calories.

So the next time you pick up a protein bar take a look for these sneaky little buggers. You may just need to account for carbs to be able to enjoy it!

Ella x

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