Surviving the Silly Season - Part 1

So December is nearly here and everyone seems to be getting anxious about the upcoming christmas parties, drinks nights, family dinners, holidays away and the BIG day!

How am I going to stay on track?

How am I going to track my macros?

How am I going to track food i didn't cook?

How do I track alcohol?

How am I going to get through this christmas party?

How do I control myself?

Life shouldn't be about scales and measuring. It is to be enjoyed with friends and family and that does involves food and alcohol.

So how do you find the balance with life and the body you want??

Firstly this time of year doesn't mean that you have to go backwards with your health and fitness goals.

It also doesn't mean that you avoid those occasions either, go into hiding or be the bore in the corner or sober Sally.

People over think and stress about this time of year but its very simple you can do one of two things.

a) Not give a shit and eat and drink until you heart is content. Be totally ok with putting on 5kg and start a new in January, or

b) Read this blog!

Managing your expectations:

The first thing you need to get right is managing your expectations.

You are not going goto lose 5kg's over December. Simple as that. It is very difficult to lose body fat in December.

This is purely because there are far more social occasions in one period than any other time of the year. And you want to be enjoying this time of year not dieting!

I have been explaining to my clients that this time of year isn't about losing but maintaining where you are right now whilst still enjoying social occasions, guilt free and anxious free.

Im not saying its not possible to lose body fat over December I'm saying that if you choose to eat, drink and be merry over this time then lets get a little more realistic with the results you expect to see.

By managing your expectations you are not setting yourself up for failure if you don't see a decrease in the scales over the next month. You are also going to enjoy this time of year far more without the stress of having to perform a certain way.

Rather the opposite, in that you will start the new year feeling pretty good, knowing you stayed on track, didn't avoid any social events and didn't over eat.

Mindset is key:

Having the right mindset before going out to an event, dinner, drinks function is imperative. Are you telling yourself I'm going to smash 4 cocktails get wasted and just not going to track anything today.

Or are you preparing yourself for whats to come, planning how you can enjoy a drink or two and still stay on track.

Do you plan you macros for that day the night before, decide if your drinking and how much food your sacrificing for alcohol.

Do you eat before going to a drinks function and allocate X amount of carbs to a few glasses of wine, you are setting yourself up for exactly that, when that 3rd glass is offered to you you are more inclined to say no, just like saying no to the canapés as you are full from your dinner you ate before coming out.

If you however, didn't plan ahead, didn't eat before heading out, you are more likely to a) over eat on canapés and still feel hungry and b) say yes to the 4th 5th and 6th glass of wine plus the cocktails that got passed around.


If you know you have a dinner out plan your meals for the day around this, save some of your fats and carbs for dinner, have protein and veggie/salads based meals during the day.

If you know your going to drink decide how much you want to drink and how many calories your prepared to sacrifice for alcohol. Trust me when you sit down and work this out you will much rather eat cake for the amount of carbs you lose in alcohol.

Part 2 will into how to track alcohol and how to 'borrow macros'.

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