A weekend with 'Fitspo's' at the Arnold's

I am sat at the airport after an amazing weekend in Melbourne for the Arnold Classics and Adele concert.

It was a first time for me at the Arnold's and I cant even describe how big the expo is. There are queues of people lining up to see their favourite instagram fitness stars for a quick snap and a hand shake or hug.

These Fitspo's that make an impact on so many peoples lives by the content they produce on their social media channels. Its pretty incredible. I got to catch up with my favourite girls Nina, Lauren, Hattie and Sharry (shebysharry make up!)

But being surrounded by so many fit bodies all weekend it can be quite a task to not get hung up on comparing the way you look to them. These guys and girls are professionals and make a living out of the way the look, they need to be 'on' all the time.

My hat goes off to them because I was exhausted just walking around for 1 day at the expo, these guys did 3 long days back to back, with photoshoots in between and then still made it to the gym for a session, this is what sets them a part from the rest, this is why they are where they are.

There were so many show cases of sports at the expo.

Powerlifting, strongman, body building, arm wrestling, kettlebell sports and so much more. It was so exciting seeing some really impressive lifts at the powerlifting, kind of makes me want to try this one day.

There were endless supplement stalls offering samples of protein bars, pancakes, protein spreads (oh my god birthday cake spread is amazing, I'm not even sure what brand it was) pre workouts, shakes, cookies.

There were stalls for spinal checks, body composition readings, magnesium sprays (i got some samples I hope they work), the latest booty bands and gym equipment.

You can get your hands on your favourite gym brands like strong lift wear, ryderwear and so much more.

There was something for everyone!

Arnie even makes an appearance throughout the weekend, I cant believe I missed him argh devastated!

Until next time Melbourne!

I'll be back!

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