5 Tips -How to avoid a chocolate induced coma

Ok its Easter, its my favourite time of year because i LOVE chocolate.

OMG have you tried the Malteaster Bunny!!!

But how can you avoid over doing it over the long weekend and weeks after......

1) Don't buy yourself or your partner Easter Eggs.

Its so easy to have an abundance of chocolate in your house from friends and family, so reduce this a little by avoiding the extra chocolate you buy for each other.

2) Quality over Quantity.

Instead of buying a heap of cheaper eggs, spend the same money on less but better quality. That you will enjoy eating them more than the 12 crap ones. I love Lindt just FYI ;-)

3) Limit your indulgences.

There are going to be a lot of dinners and lunches happening, so choose whether you enjoy a dessert, an easter egg or a hot cross bun or 2. But avoid indulging in all at once.

4) Dont eat your egg in one sitting.

Savour it, enjoy it over a few days. It will be worth it when your waist line thanks you come Tuesday morning.

5) Take on a challenge!

With your partner or a friend, see who can make their eggs last the longest. The loser has to do burpees! And we all know everyone hates burpees.

Happy Easter xx

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