Defining Movement- Part 2 The Hinge

The hinge pattern is probably one of the most incorrectly performed movements seen in the gym. But its actually the movement pattern performed most in life and in nature.

Think about it, running, sprinting, jumping, picking things off the floor these are all hinge patterns.

And yet its a movement that a lot of people struggle with.

I know of people that avoid deadlifts for fear they will hurt their back. Which is crazy because you have more chance of hurting yourself reaching around to the back seat of the car or picking a box up of the floor.

But the hinge is a primal movement pattern and well its actually probably more important than the squat.

Can you name a movement pattern in nature that requires strength and power in a squat?

Everything is a hinge pattern. Picking something up off the floor is a hinge then a squat. Pushing something away is a hinge, sprinting, running all hinge.

The only exception is jumping, this is a squat but you don't break parallel. Which is another story :-)

So how do we fix your hinge, so we can fix your back ache and fix your fear of deadlifts.

It all starts will understanding what muscle you are recruiting:

The inside head of the hamstring or Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus and external obliques

Knowing What muscles you are trying to recruit will help you understand how to initate the movement pattern and maintain tension.

There are 3 things to remember when you hinge...

1) Tension is created from the feet up to the hip (internal torque)

2) Pivot from the hips.

3) Brace... by pushing out the external obliques.

I'm going to let Julien Pineau explain how to hinge correctly here

Be patient with this exercise. It will take time to feel exactly what you should feel but the beauty of this exercises is that it shows a problem (if you cant feel those muscles working) and it fixes the problem, by continuing to do this exercise you will learn how to hinge and internally torque.

I have had amazing feedback from my Female In Fitness clients workng on this themselves and then carrying this over to their clients...try it out let me know how you go.

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Ella x

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