Eating Out and Tracking

You can nail your macros Monday - Friday when your prepared, when you make your own food and weigh and measure out your portions....but when it comes to eating out and social occasion it all just feels to hard.

It really needn't be. Its all about making the right choices and preparing for it.

Here are some tips to eating out and staying on track.

1) Save macros throughout the day.

If you know your out for dinner then plan ahead and leave enough macros to enjoy a delicious meal out. If you know what restaurant your eating out you will be able to plan what macros you might need or even better look up the menu know what you want to eat and put that in your diary first. You can add your dinner (works the sam for any meal) then work backwards what can you eat for the rest of the day. I would recommend this being more protein and vegetable based.

2) Make smart choices.

When your at the table decide if you want a wine or dessert, bread or the pasta. Don't have them all. Bread at the table with 2 glasses of wine, is a lot of calories gone and you haven't enjoyed the good stuff yet. So make smart choices and don't have it all.

3) Always account for extra fats.

Things that usually taste delicious are cooked in butter or other fats so add in a little extra to butter or fats in your diary.

4) Guesstimate your measurements.

Still track what you eat and break your meal down, track each element separately. Or if you dont want the stress of a meal with too many things go for a simple option steak and chips and veg. Something that easily trackable.

5) Share a dessert.

Sharing is caring. Order a dessert and share with the table.

6) Track alcohol.

What you don't realise is that wine and beer are empty calories that must still be accounted for. I have my clients deduct these from either fats or carbs. Example a 150 calorie glass of wine you would divide 150 cals by 4 for carbs or by 9 for fats and take this from you daily allocated macros.

7) If you over eat don't stress.

If you tracked and you went over your macros, don't sweat it. You have a few options, you can write that day off start a fresh the next day train the house down and put the extra calories to good use, (weight training) align your expectations with your at loss goals for that week. Or you can deduct the over spill from the next few days. This only work if you tracked it. If you didn't track but know you went over its hard to counter balance this.

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