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What is Beauty❓

In a social media world where images are not what they seem. Butts bigger, waists smaller, images retouched, or edited on an app (yes you can actually edit this yourself).

With an emphasis on promotion of fake hair, lashes, tattooed eye brows. With adverts for lip fillers, cheek filers, nose jobs and other plastic surgery. Is is a wonder that the perception of beauty has changed.

How many images on Instagram do you see that are raw, untouched, natural beauty. No make up, tied up messy hair, just natural in the way you wake up.

Strip away all the BS and what is left? No lashes, no tan, no extensions, no make up, no perfect light, no retouched images.

Natural Beauty!

But women are drawn to these images as 'beauty' and think that having those things is what is needed to be beautiful. That they are somehow not beautiful or attractive without it.

I had the conversation with a girlfriend only last year about lip fillers, would we be more successful in the fitness industry if we got our lips done?

What the hell has lips got to do with Fitness is what i should have said back then!

But this as a society by the images we select and put out into the world, whether it's Instagram accounts or magazines make us believe that we need all this BS to be beautiful.

Beauty is more than the BS, it's more than the colour of your hair, the length of your eyelashes and a face of make up.

It's your presence, your aura how you hold yourself. Beauty is more than the surface so much more.

So strip back all the BS and show us #yourbeauty

Ella Martyn is a Specialist in Online Female Fitness Coaching, focusing on a balanced approach to health and fitness.

Ella can help you take back the control over your diet, your happiness and your results. With a personalised approach to TRAINING and NUTRITION,

Ella can ensure the right balance of training, diet and lifestyle to optimise your success for the long term.

Simply drop Ella an EMAIL today to find out how you can get started on your health and fitness journey for the last time!

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