Sometimes I Feel Lost too

You may have realised a shift in the direction my social media platforms are taking.

I set up my buiness a few years ago with a clear vision a clear purpose and a clear brand, along the way it got lost and I got lost too, it happens.

You can easily get caight up in the day to day actions of life, the running around from A to B, the hours merging to days, the days to weeks, weeks to months and before you know it the year has gone and you haven't achieved what you set out to do.

I got lost in the social media world of what everyone else was doing, rather than what I should be doing. How do they have 100k followers, how do I get that, is that what I need for my business to be successful?

I got very much wrapped up in this, I lost what my brand stands for, who I am and what I want my legacy to be.

I lost what I wanted to deliver to you guys, my community.

I took me to step out of life for a day to reflect and re-evaluate where I was and where I wanted to be. Sometimes its as easy as that. Taking sometime out for you to gather your thoughts for you to know who you are and whether the path you're on is the right one.

So you are now seeing a shift, in the content I deliver and how im doing it.

I want to continue to help you and more women, live a life of fulfilment and purpse and happiness.

Train becuase it makes you feel good, for longevity.

Live a life of purpose, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Love yourself enough to make a change.

I will be following my brand and what it stands for in the posts and content I deliver to you guys. In a way that is relevant and meaningful.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ella Martyn is a Specialist in Online Female Fitness Coaching, focusing on a balanced approach to health and fitness.

Ella can help you take back the control over your diet, your happiness and your results. With a personalised approach to TRAINING and NUTRITION,

Ella can ensure the right balance of training, diet and lifestyle to optimise your success for the long term.

Simply drop Ella an EMAIL today to find out how you can get started on your health and fitness journey for the last time!

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