Avoid a Holiday Blow Out

I've just spent 5 days in Darwin, its been amazing and some much needed R&R and some sun!!

What got me thinking was how easy it is to blowout on holiday.

So here are some of my holiday tips to stay fit and healthy and avoid a blow out. Without the need to spend your holiday in the gym or tracking your diet.

TIP 1. Skip a Meal.

Whether its breakfast or lunch you can afford to skip a meal. There is a high chance your drinking some alcohol or enjoying a dessert of just a high calorie dinner so skipping a meal you are able to save some calories for other things. You wont lose your gains by not eating regularly. Just have a protein shakw with water or some BCAAs to keep you going.

TIP 2. Walk More.

Get out and explore your area by walking or cycling. If your not used to walking much this is a great way to get some incidental exercise. Get the health app on Iphone/samsung or a fitbit and track your steps aim for upwards of 10,000 daily. Make a game out of it. I drag Josh around until we hit 10,000 :-)

TIP 3. Outdoor HIIT or Deadmils.

Quick and effective sessions that can be done in 30 mins, get the heart rate up work on your fitness and burn through some of those extra calories. On one of your walks locate some stairs or a hill that you can do some intervals on. Quick bursts up and active recover on the way done. Or if your hotel has a gym the use of the treadmil can be great for deadmils. Keep the treadmil OFF hands and chest tight to the handles and sprint! 20s work 60s rest. You power the belt with your legs. Make no mistake this is HARD!

TIP 4. Learn to say NO.

Look, you can enjoy some ice-cream or a wine or a pizza but its about exerciseing some self control and saying NO to somethings and yes to others. Dont say YES to it all on the same day. Be smart.

TIP 5. Don't EAT and DRINK your carbs.

If you decide to enjoy a cider at lunch then keep your food options lower carb. Go for the salad with lots of protein and healthy fats. Drinking is dead calories and your body prioritises metabolising those before dealing with any food.

Enjoy some down time, guilt free, be active and get your mindset right around your training. Don't beat yourself up for not hitting the gym, just get active in other ways. Likewise don't spend your holiday in the gym. Unless your on a Retreat ;-)

Speaking of, my business FitMiss Retreats is a Bali based female only fitness retreat. Check it out here.

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