Bali Guide. A must do list


The country is beautiful, the people are so lovely, the food is amazing!

Each time I visit I stay in a different area. I've stayed in Kuta, this was my very first Bali experience when I was about 18. Yep think bintang singlets and fish bowls! The next trip was with Josh and we stayed in Seminyak. From there i've been to Sanur, Gianyar and Nusa Dua. Sanur so far is my favourite. Its slow pace, white sand beaches, easy to scuba dive.

I've visited Canggu, Ubud, Jimbaran Bay, Uluwatu, Mount Batur the Monkey Forest, rice fields and more.

There is so much to do in Bali if you get off the tourist bus!

Here are my MUST DO's for bali.

1) Get to know the locals.

Find out about their culture, ask them about their families. We had a driver take us to Uluwatu, initally I tried to barter him down on cost for the day. It was 350,000rp around $35. We didnt want him to wait for us as we would be gone all day, but he insisted. So the driver, Bagus took us around Uluwatu, drove us to some temples and then left us relax at the beach while we waited for sunset at SingleFin.

It was on the way back to our hotel we got talking to him about his family. He had made $35 the whole day! And well, actually he didn't even make that as he had a boss who owns the car, so his cut is probably more like $15!

And now I feel bad about trying to get a cheaper price, when really $35 is noting! We gave him a tip after all that.

We found out that a family is looked after by the son. They live in the family house with their wife and take care of the parents. If the couple are unfortunate and don't have a son in the family, then it is possible for them to adopt a nephew or other male relative to move into the family complex and look after the block. The house can be very full with many relatives all living in one house.

2) Eat the local food.

I dont mean just order some fried rice off the resort menu. I mean get out on to the street and see where the locals eat!

We had some amazing Baba Guling (suckling pig) for 2 people for less than $10!

We stumbled across a man making green pancakes, these turned out to be called Lak Lak which is a balinese pancake. OMG delicious!!! Pictured above!

I made Josh walk 40 minutes with me to get some more on our last day, but the man had finished for the day and I didn't get my Lak Lak fix! We did get our steps up though.

3) Scuba Dive.

If your a water baby then you MUST hit the water and try some of the dive sites in Bali. We have seen manta's, turtles, octopus. They have big Mola Mola (yet to see them!) We had a great dive master who is also a magician. He does underwater magic!! Toto is his name, you can book your dive right through him, find him here.

4) Mount Batur Sunrise hike

One of the most satisfying things you can do in Bali. Wake up nice and early for a 2am pick up. Its around an hour and half hike to the summit of an active volcano. But the view is worth it. When you get to the top and you sit and wait for the sun to rise, its truely breathtaking!

5) Learn the language.

Or even just a few sayings. Thank you in an easy place to start "terima kasih" almost say it like 'tear my car seat'

It shows a bit of respect that you have tried to learn a bit of the language, the locals appreciate it.

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