5 Tips to Diet Free Living

No one wants to spend their life dieting.

Just like you don't want to be spending your life unhappy with you body.

So if you could find a way to be happy with you body without dieting that would be the winning combination.

Here are my 5 Tips to Diet Free living.

1) Remove negative associations with food.

That means 'good vs bad', 'clean vs cheat' labels. This is of upmost importance and something you will need to work on daily. Listen to how you describe food and your behaviour when you use those terms and switch it to a more positive one. Is this nutrients dense or calorie dense? Does it fit into my daily requirements? How is it going to make me feel, perform? One you make a rationale and conscious decision to eat something the guilt isn't there.

2) Dont look at the way you eat as a diet.

Pretty simple right. As soon as the word diet is mentioned immediately your brain goes into negative thoughts. Hunger, deprivation, boring food, its too hard, I cant do it. So if you look at the way you choose to eat as sustainable living, that fuels you for your day, give your body what it needs to function optimally, to give you energy the rest will follow.

3) Eat out and Enjoy it.

Life is not meant to be lived out of a plastic container. So enjoy a meal out with friends or your lover. The way you choose to eat should allow flexibility in your day to eat on the fly, meet with a girlfriend for lunch or head out for a spontaneous dinner with your lover. GUILT FREE. If your in control of your actions, and have an understanding gone your body requirements and hit them 80% of the time going out for a meal does not mean you hard work goes down the toilet.

4) Work on your mindset, everyday!

Im not saying its a easy to just switch the was you think thats been ingrained in you for years. You have to work at it every day. There will be days when old habits creep back in, You need to be able to challenge those thoughts when they do. Thats when progress is made.

5) Step into a 60 year old you body.

What are you priorities in life at this stage? To be fit, healthy, to be able to move the way you want to. To run after grandkids, to still be playing the sports you love. The physical state and the way you look isn't going to be top of the list for many. So put in the work now to be able to do the things you love when your 60!

Ella Martyn is a Specialist in Online Female Fitness Coaching, focusing on a balanced approach to health and fitness.

Ella can help you take back the control over your diet, your happiness and your results.

With a personalised approach to TRAINING and NUTRITION, Ella can ensure the right balance of training, diet and lifestyle to optimise your success for the long term.

Simply drop Ella an EMAIL today to find out how you can get started on your health and fitness journey for the last time!

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