Good Sources of Healthy Fats

🤔A very common question I get asked is what foods are ok to eat?.

Well honestly, all foods are ok to eat! Unless you have an intolerance to something of course then avoid that, but all foods should be consumed within moderation. It’s all about a well BALANCED diet.

🥛Fats got a bad wrap for a while. LOW FAT was the ‘trend’. But what people don’t understand is to take out some of the natural fat from food like milk, you need to replace that flavour, and often that comes from sugar!

So let’s dish the dirt on FATS. You have 3 main types of dirty fat.

-> Polyunsaturated

-> Monounsaturated

-> Saturated fats

Polyunsaturated fats. These are your omega 3 and Omega 6. Omega 3 from Fish and flax seed and omega 6 from seeds. Omega 3 fatty acids are an essential part in brain function, immune function,

🥜Monounsaturated fats include things like nuts, seeds, olives and avocados. They can lower LDL cholesterol aka the bad cholesterol and promote an increase in HDL cholesterol aka the good cholesterol.

🧀Saturated fats from animal products and palm and coconut oil generally will not contribute to chronic disease, but they can be when consumed in excessive amounts and when consumed from man made sat fats in large quantities, generally processed foods.

Transfats i guess is actually the 4th type of fat and are the not so good fats. These are made by a process of hydrogenation. This turns liquid vegetable oils into solids and is the fats most commonly found in processed foods. Because this process is actually changing the bond structure the fats don’t kink or bind which effects how the body breaks them down and utilized them.

So what’s the ‘better option’ well the option that has minimal human intervention.

🥛Fat free or Low fat may have less fat, but what else does it have in it. What is the carb content and which option fits into your daily macros?

What other fats have you consumed for the day? Have you had a large quantity of saturate fats and non of the mono or poly?

Nutrition questions are never as straight forward as which is better, yes or no, good or bad. There are always many other factors and conditions to consider.

Diet smart guys

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