Volume Foods, Low Calorie

When your in a calorie deficit every macro counts. The last thing you want to do is eat all your food by lunch time and be left with nothing for the rest of the day.

🤗Diet smart. This means select some food options that are pretty low in calories but will leave you feeling full- VOLUME FOODS.

🥞Cauliflower is a diverse vegetable. Packed full of nutrients this little white flower can morph into a food that cleverly resembles rice! It’s the lower carb version and can leave you feeling very satisfied with a lot more calories to play with later.

Pumpkin is another great low carb volume food. A great addition to salads or a side at dinner. 150g of pumpkin has 12g of carbs. Whereas the old faithful sweet potato has 22g carbs for the same serving. You can double your serving of pumpkin for the same carbs as sweet potato and when your dieting which is going to be better for you in terms of hunger later on!?

Volume foods come from the earth and your greens are an integral part of this. - How to make vegetables taste amazing with NO EXTRA CALORIES.... salt and lemon juice!

Finally not as calorie friendly as all those above Oats, particularly steel cut or the very least refined versions. This is because they will expand with water and the fiber content will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

🤔It’s really a matter of taking more interest in the food you want to eat and understanding the roles it can play on your body, your energy, your mood and dieting smart.

If you want to be able to eat foods you love, eat out and be social and still have the body you want then it takes a little more effort on your part to not just eat because food is in front of you. YOU have to make calculated decisions and choices.....simple.

Ella Martyn is a Specialist in Online Female Fitness Coaching, focusing on a balanced approach to health and fitness.

Ella can help you take back the control over your diet, your happiness and your results.

With a personalised approach to TRAINING and NUTRITION, Ella can ensure the right balance of training, diet and lifestyle to optimise your success for the long term.

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