Fight the Xmas Bloat

Its very easy to over do it on the xmas pudding, the prawns, the turkey and all the trimmings. Before you know it, its 6pm your in the foetal position on the sofa in a bit of pain from bloating.

So what can you do to relieve some of this discomfort.... here are my top tips to fight the Xmas bloat.


Sounds so simple right, usually it is. Water retention caused by bloating, one of the best ways to deal with water retention is to drink more water. The body holds on to water when it thinks its dehydrated, so drinking more will tell the body to ditch what its holding to maintain a balance.

2) Reduce your alcohol consumption.

If your feeling a little bloated, puffy and watery post big xmas day, reduce your alcohol consumption at least until new years to help your body deal with and process whats in your system. Alcohol encourage the body to hold on to water. Again drinking more water will help you body release some of this retention.

3) Get moving.

Try to get moving either Xmas day or boxing day. You've over done the calories its going to make you feel more human if you can get up and get moving. Head out for a walk with the family. Hit the gym if you can and out those calories to good use.

4) Reduce salt intake.

Another culprit of water retention is sodium. Reduce your salt in take for a few days and you'll see and feel a difference. Again drink plenty of water.

5) Probiotics and peppermint tea.

Probiotics or yoghurts with good bacteria may help your gut and digestion. If you have any room left in there try eating some yoghurts with good bacteria. No more room for food then opt for a peppermint tea or ginger tea and just wait patiently for the bowel to move.

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