3 Things To Build Confidence As A PT

I remember getting my very first client. It was scary as hell.

I had a program written for her and proceeded to take her through it.

But there were so many fears going through my mind.

Is this technique right.

How do I set up that machine?

That awkward silence between sets, what do i talk about.

I'm not comfortable going over there where that other trainer is.

The best way to get over those fears was to master these 3 things...

1) Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

If you're only confident using one area in the gym, one corner you feel safe, or certain equipment you know how to use, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

When female clients sign with you, they have a fear of the gym and a fear of weights. It is down to you to change that belief. Which mean you must be comfortable in all areas of the gym.

If you stick to the things that you know and don't show your client how to use other equipment or step into another area of the gym you are putting your fear onto them.

2) Assessment.

These form the base of your program. Your assessment to show you where your client is at currently, their readiness to train and ability to squat, hinge, push and pull. It highlights weaknesses, dysfunction and any imbalances.

You need to get to know your client very well. Your assessment is the start.

3) Programming

Your client comes to your for Personal Training. So make it personal. If they wanted a workout they could do F45. Stop throwing together a sweat session and start to structure a resistance training program that sees them progress week on week. The only way to get better at programming is to write programs.

Download my FREE guide on programming taken directly from the training for my female personal trainr mentor group Females In Fitness.

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Coach Ella 💛



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