3 Must Do Courses For Personal Trainers

There are some amazing courses for Personal Trainers to continue to upskill as well as weekend workshops and seminars.

In Australia there are 3 particularly good courses I would reccommed all Personal Trainers to take.

1) Boutagy Fitness Institute 6 Courses 3 Level Program

Tony Boutagy is the director of the Boutagy Fitness Institute and has recently completed a PhD at Charles Darwin University in sports science. He is also an Adjunct Associate Lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

For most new trainers i would highly recommend the Level 1 Theory and Coaching. This prepares you and your clients for training. Going through a GPP structure and teaching and demonstrating exercises for those muscle groups neglected by most PT's. But the ones that form the stable base for progression without injury.

2) Leaner Stronger- Big On Basics.

If you're a keen lifter and want to refine your technique on the 3 big lifts, Squat, deadlift and Press. Take your coaching to the next level and become an EXPERT in the industry.

This is for you!

Brendan has many years experience in the industry and has been a mentor to many successful PT's.

You will never learn enough from him. But you can start now and try.

Find those courses here.

3) Precision Nutrition (Online)

Nutrition is a minefield. Everyone has an opinion on whats right, wrong, effective and BS.

Unfortunately, you dont learn much about nutrition at PT school.

This is where you have to take it on yourself to learn from credible sources. PN has that credibility in buckets!

Evidence based learning, their course content stays up to-date.

Really take your knowledge up a level and your clients results to the next level by investing in this course.

Get all the details here

I recommed these courses becuase I have sat them, learned from them and can honestly say they are worth every $$$.

Make it a goal each year to study and continually learn.

Coach Ella

Females In Fitness Mentor



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