5 Tips To Stand Out On The Gym Floor

Do you want to get more clients?

Not only get more clients but have them come to you?

People are watching you quietly in the background. Don't think for a second you are not seen or your actions and behaviours are not being watched, use this to your advantage.

Follow my 5 Tips To Stand Out On The Gym Floor (For the right reasons) and you will have clients approach you for Personal Training.

1) Be Present With Your Clients.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a PT, zone out and look around the gym while they are with a client, client reps.

Be present in that session and give your client your undivided attention.

Remember they are paying you!

2) Be Approachable.

A smile and a hello go a long way. Say hello to members as you walk past, smile at others in the distance. The gym is an uncomfortable environment for most clients. Make them feel at ease and comfortable.

If you are with a client and you say hello to a regular member that you know the name of, introduce your client and the member - They both now know each other and will likely interact with each other outside of your sessions.

3) Train At Times You Want To Fill

When your training you are also 'ON'. People will watch you, see how you train yourself, how you conduct yourself and be inspired by this. There is no use training at 11am if you want 8am filled. Hit the gym at the times you want to fill. Be polite and interact with those members that are training at that time too.

If you want 8am filled then train between 7.30-8.30, shower and put your uniform back on and hit the gym floor before 9. Those who were watching now see you're a PT...

If they liked what they saw during your sessions, guess what, that seed is now planted and they know you're a PT. Most Likely to collect your card off the wall after their session. Or better yet approach you as they are leaving.

4) Technique Is Key.

If your client can't perform an exercise with good technique and after verbal cues, demonstrating and touch cues are still unable to perform it. MOVE ON. Don't allow your client to squat for example with rubbish technique, this looks bad on your abilities as a Trainer to identify an issue and resolve it.

Regress them to an exercise that they can do, that will help and aid them to better perform that movement pattern down the track. Always explain your actions in a way that is easily understood and makes the client feel good about themselves and not like a failure.

5) Be Helpful.

They say you should give your best stuff away for free. Becuase if people can see the value in your best work they will want to work with you. This applies to the gym floor too.

Do you overhear a member talking about how tight her hips are? Take 5 minutes of your time and show her a stretch she can do.

You see a member squatting or benching a pretty decent weight and they are training solo, just go over and ask if they need a spot?

You notice one of the regular members doesn't quite look herself, ask if she's ok or needs a chat?

Members of the gym assume as soon as a Trainer talks to them they are trying to sell them PT. It's a tough stigma to break.

But by these little snippets of helpful and useful and genuine information, they will see you are actually just trying to help them. Then down the track when they are ready to work with a Trainer you are right there at the front of their mind.

Coach Ella

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