How To Start Building Your Email List

Everyone gets caught up in building their social media following. But forgets or neglects the most important aspect of this which is building your email database.

Followers are owned by those platforms. Facebook, instagram Youtube, Google they own the details. You don't.

You've heard stories of big accounts with 100,000s of followers being shut down by Instagram or being hacked and lost forever.

Don't be that person that invests so much time, money and effort into growing something that doesnt belong to you.

Be smart. Convert those followers to email subscribers.

Becuase you own that information.

You can use it to sell products, promote offers, to launch a product, show value, communicate and engage with your tribe on a deeper level.

Email marketing isn't dead!

There are a few options you can use to start your email database.

1) Active Campaign.

I currently use this platform. There is an annual subscription but so far I have found it to be the most beneficial for my business. It can take a while to wrap your head around but its great for automation and adding tags to different group of individuals so you can tailor your content to the right people. Its also great integration to Click Funnels*.

**Click Funnels is essential for online marketing you can get a free trial here **

2) Mailchimp

It's free!!! It's also super easy to set up and start writing your campaigns. I really like this for anyone new starting out in building your list. Super easy to set up and integrate and you can integrate it to your website or as a link to your blog posts, facebook or instagram.

3) Wix integrated email marketing

I have a WIX website and it has built in email marketing. Its useful to those that are not tech savvy but have a WIX website. I found it great initially when i started a few years back but found it limiting with what i wanted to do in terms of my marketing.

Get cracking on building your email list...

Next article ill discuss ways to generate emails with valuable FREE content!



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